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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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he earth shake this morning. >> yeah. >> well, i wanted to tell you i don't think it was an earthquake but i do believe that was the scales of justice tipping and it was the acre arc of our his being bent that's what we felt this morning (clapping.) you know san francisco we've always been proud of our role in leading the diversity nation and perhaps the world with the tolerance for all people we're a city that celebrates diversity everyday and everyone who lives here. (clapping.) >> yes. >> and it is this diversity that brings people from all over the world to celebrate with us we're once again changing the
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world and how people think about committed loving relationships and the deprivations of marrying andy defining how we begin family and how children of lgbt parent should be treated equally as the other parents are (clapping.) we have stood together witnesses the history as the supreme court ruled that every same time sex couples across america has the freedom to manufacture (clapping.) and long late ladies and gentlemen, marriage quality in the united states of america (clapping.) we started this movement in san francisco we kept the monument
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going throughout the state of california it didn't stop until we reached auto 50 states so that every loving couple in america now every single states in the union we've been resistant also in our focus to insure equality for everyone across the nation and now the united states joinedled and 18 other countries (clapping.) for marriage equality we're now moving our world in the right direction well san francisco has always been the lead in the lgbt movement we're a city it is committed to equality for everyone we've come a long way a lot to celebrate equality without exception (clapping.) well, this is our city hall it is you're telling us hours this
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is the people's place will loving couples have come to wed today's remarkable moment of history wouldn't have come not for the first marriage the wonderful gil and his spouse and the thousands of other loving couples we've had to share the opportunity to manufacture and it be performed since 2004 and again in 2008 yes. i want to say to you to my projections gavin newsom. >> yeah. (clapping.) >> i want to say thank you to willie brown when he was working at the state
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(clapping.) thank you to you art when he was mayor and the his with work and leader pelosi and dennis herrera all his wife work and senator leno thank you and supervisor wiener and supervisor campos thank you for your kinds of leadership our supervisor president breed thank you for your work there and i'm so glad that we can have this moment and i want to introduce someone that has been working tirelessly who's heart is with people that needed her help and her agencies help been there and distancing advised us at city hall what can happen what can possible happen we've enjoyed a moment to talk about had you lucky to be a law student we get to read about our
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invited history welcome kate the national center for lesbian rights (clapping.) >> hits a hell of a day it's a hell of a day you i you, you, you look what you did look what you did today, today america walks the talk of equal justice under law (clapping.) today, today millions of families are more secure and valid indicted today our freedoms to manufacture the person we love is vindicated today in every corner of our nation every lesbian lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders
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can breathe deeply and walk a little bit taller today the ground has shifted and for the first time in history with the relationships of same sex couples enjoy dignity and respect justice and love won today (clapping.) and make no mistake make no mistake much of what we won today started here this is what you did today is what you did you made today possible you're the reason we're standing here and every scarce and i know because i know many of you and i know the stories from across the country the sacrifices the shame and indignity endured that is
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over and every sacrifice you make is vin dictated and you matter (clapping.) so, now our charge now our charge to harness this momentum so everyone in the community no matter where they live live freely and fully our charge to take this momentum to battle racism and economic. >> i think equality to make sure that none is left behind none is left behind (clapping.) i know you know this i know you know this is beers repeating from a tech on transgender woman of color to the shocking number of lgbt homeless youth and recognize to condition in the jails and prisons to the
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basically rights to get and keep a job the daily realty for so many in our community is isolation and stigma we'll do something about that look what we did look what we did (clapping.) i know you all misunderstand that is more work but you're telling us joined by tremendous partners 11 years ago when we were involved in issuing marriage licenses and filed a lawsuit 3 companies signed onto the supreme court valentine's day marriage equality apple american people and levi corporation 3 companies who showed up and getting blew back the supreme court and the marriage cases hundred of
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companies signed on on the other hand, over 60 percent of the public we can finish this job t g and e pledging a quarter of a million dollars and, yes and they're encroaching challenges to every other corporation to spread to money throughout the community in california and beyond to insure that we take that victory and we make sure there's a day when even the lgbt person exists today, we have the scaffolding to build a new america for every lgbt person and beyond? a once in a moment chance to alter the future of every successful generations so
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who's with me let's do this let's do this (clapping) and back in 2004 you look back and now 11 years and think oh gosh a for begun conclusion you know that was not the case it took uncommon leadership we had that in our city attorney dennis herrera that was an honor to work with him side by side welcome our city attorney dennis herrera (clapping.) >> happy pride. >> thank you kate and mayor ed lee i'm sure with the great weather we're going to or have this weekend what a wonderful, wonderful today i had justice harry stewart in my office remember where we were
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11 years ago and about the challenges that we knew we were going to face as and began this battle looked at gavin newsom and we stood on the steps mid-market over the course of the years we've had ups and downstairs all of us collectively never waived in doing what was right as ii think back we've uttered the words in this building about the arc of history bends towards justice well, today, it. came to fruition (clapping.) i think we need to call a special recollection to the plaintiffs and our good friend mary for her tremendous leadership in the united states supreme court but we we saw a
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culmination of something i've said repeating in the course of 11 years the beauty of making the law to make a difference in people's lives we saw that over the course but it wouldn't have happened without the human faces of all of you if you han or have the opportunity to go and read judicious kennedy's opinion this morning i'll encourage you to read the introduction it talks about the history of a marriage the history of discrimination to the lgbt community has dealt with and you get a sense of the power of humanity and the ability to change people's lives today everybody succeeded in bring justice to the thousands and thousands of lgbt families and individuals that have suffered from melissa and today it stops.
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(clapping.) >> that's due to the effort of all of you think about the progress 22 and prop 6815 years ago now how many people have come to the right confliction about understanding that everybody is entitle to equal protection under the law eir respect of sexual orientation but the kate has said another brick of the foundation of equality it didn't stop here if we're going to build the justice side that is more work in terms of inequality and economic less fortunate to deal with racism to understand that today is a wonderful day to be celebrated we have to understand there are still discriminates we have to fight and we need equal protection under the law in
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federal employment for lgbt individuals thought this country to make sure the efforts of people like jim harry necessarily and roberta i see standing in the back what they went through none has to go through again and we have an equality in every atmosphere of our lives in this country one and for all with the efforts and the sticks to itness of you you'll sticks to what we accomplished today and continue that as we fight into the future thanks it's a day to celebrate have a great weekend (clapping.) you know the city attorney brings up on interesting point what are you doing this weekend? we're going to be here on
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sunday; right? >> now we have a lot to celebrate there are many tremendous leaders that made today possible through the tremendous leadership in taking risks one was a man before any of us thought that day could be realize our great friend in this community and every community and one of the most tremendous leaders please welcome senator leno (clapping.) >> today san francisco vails become americans values (clapping.) kate thank you for not only the warm introduction but for all you're telling us leadership and
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mayor ed lee for you're telling us hospitality in bringing us to city hall and decades of fighting for civil rights and shout out to gavin newsom who put a face on television across the world (clapping) and i have what a marriage between a same sex couple looks like not all that scary we did that and also, of course, to our city attorney that said not only would we take it to court and did that with justice stewart by his side and made the rational case i want to recognize our then couldn't assessor our who issued the marriage licenses february 12th mandible he will
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talk with with us too (clapping.) you know as a gay man that came out more than 6 years ago in the 69 i'm a stonewall baby those of you guess who came out to announce to the we were mooijz inmentally ill outlaws it took 1963 to take mental health from the law california no longer considered a felony for adults of the same gender to have consensual rings that's where we are coming and we took the law that gavin newsom decided he would break because it was unconstitutional he know you knew that back then to the state legislature there were a
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lot of democrats that were faired it was politically dangerous but when we put it on andy schwarzenegger deck and put it on his desk in 2007 we dispelled we standing up for the dignity and validation we had twice as most co-sponsors on the bill and many more votes when we put it on his desk clearly not a man of vision i suspect he'll be long recommended as at george walling us for civil rights blocking the door of the hall of justice we've come long and far from that day i want to conclude by making sure we all know this myth we
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have heard by a number of supreme court justices today, the definition of marriage has not been changed in thousands of years why change it now i say this to my friends what everyone is defending traditional marriage what is they're encroaching definition of traditional marriage as marriage from the biblical that is a bride is not a virgin on the marriage day we stone her or a mr. chairman up to the mid century women couldn't sign contracts independent of they're encroaching husbands they were literally and legally the property of they're encroaching husbands is that the definition of marriage or before the fact of divorce until death do us part a lifetime commitment is
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that your definition of mr. chairman or the prior to the invention of connecticut acceptance it was defined for legal today when two individuals of potential equal equal economic means decide to get murder or married for a lifetime maybe to create a family maybe not that not only are conditional marriage rights for same sex couples obvious that is i think eventual and that inevitability happened today, it's a collaborative effort (clapping) and now with that wall diminished how much longer can a republican led congress not
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support anti discrimination of sexual orientation in employment and housing and public compromised? how do i get married this morning and get fired from our job this afternoon basis of the gender of our spouse we've got to end that it will end sloovrnt thank you for all you're telling us work (clapping.) and there are a number of unsung heros that made today possible one is the person that labored for adheres before the first marriage license and i want to acknowledge the county clerk nancy alfaro nancy >> (clapping.) it it takes a village we've had a fabulous fabulous
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leadership on the san francisco board of supervisors quite sometime by never more than now and mr. sharp great to have them celebrating so i want to introduce fabulous supervisor from district 8 supervisor wiener. >> (clapping.) thank you first of all let's hear if it for sxhaert for his work can you imagine getting a bill to the governs deck in 2005 and 7 and leading the way so thank you, mark it is days lying be today to be proud of this lgbt community it is a history of the society telling us to shut up and be invisibly and disappear as time after time this community has said hell, no
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we're not going anywhere we're a part of society and always part of this society (clapping.) and they tried to do it for show long during the hiv epidemic and the hard work wick with the marriage amendment and we've fought and won and today we win again a giant step forward this is a tidal wave we'll get housing protection and beat the hiv epidemic once again and take care of seniors and youth and going to win have a great pride weekend (clapping.) >> and because we have an abundance of richness on the
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board of supervisors this is provides leadership supervisor campos. >> (clapping.) thank you, everyone thank you to the elected family and great to see justin stewart and others i--i don't know if you those of you my age i was watching this morning with my husband as the opinion was being issued i didn't think in my lifetime i'd like see that before i say anything else i want you to give a brief moment of silence for harvey milk and all the people we know fought for this struggle that couldn't be here to see this day we're seeing today that have (silence). >> thank you
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i know harvey is watching but i know i don't median to spoil the party there's a lot to celebrate the harvey milk's of this world remember as a important our legal equality is the fact we still a great definitely inequality but in this city we have a faster growing equality in the united states we have brothers and sisters in the lgbtq community i see teresa sparks and think about our turned around community where unemployment is more than 50 percent 40 percent of our population is queer we need to take this victory the only way to honor and properly celebrate to make sure that we continue to
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fight for social justice and it is not just legal equality by social economic equality for every member of our community (clapping.) and we should not rest until we see the fact my good friend beven duffey we proudly opened an lgbt community shelter for lgbt adults this is a a that's a good they know our work is not done until we address the fact we're people that are homeless are front yard to be in the shelter they're encroaching abuse and discriminated our work shouldn't end until we have no more homeless in san francisco and every single member of our community can achieve they're
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encroaching potential until the american dream is real for all of us thank you. >> thank you, david we're not done. (clapping.) >> providing tremendous leadership on the board of supervisors and tremendous leadership to the city please welcome the do president supervisor president breed (clapping.) okay. well on behalf of the london breed i accept this award. >> thank you very much for recognizing what i've done for the city (laughter) >> one of my favorite city leaders i love what he's contributed and the support of our entire community our treasurer jose cisneros. >> good morning. >> i join you in being proud i'm
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proud to tell you over 10 years i'm a gay open gay latino here in san francisco. (clapping.) >> and i am proud of what we've done to make this possible i want to share one thing i'm permanently proud of the last year i was in a legal marriage with my partner mark like so many of you we've been able to make our relationships just as responsible and legal and important as just the same as everyone else in the country thank you fewer proud of the u.s. supreme court and have a great weekend (clapping.) >> we're going to wrap up i think but we'll see with representative the city college of san francisco city college is
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right in my neighborhood such an important institution for the city and county of san francisco and with this leadership that will continue to provide the tremendous service please welcome board member alex randolph (clapping.) >> hello, everybody welcome to our pails at city hall as one of the newest opening gay elected officials in san francisco i can't tell you how excited i share the space with our openly gay raphael who couldn't be here unfortunately fortunately i share the stage with our pioneers that previously served at the college board leslie and others and the first openly gay who lead the
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cause and, of course i was excited to support and yesterday we voted to appoint susan our person at city college for the first lesbian chancellor at city college despite what you read in the news media i have no doubt city college will be there for the next decades to provide education to our community i want to relocate recognize that city college was one of the first colleges to provide an lgbt class both educating our community and history and i can't wait until the day that kate and some of you teach about this day and movement and the history we've made thank you so much for supporting continental and being here and happy